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Media selection is an important process of the GoMedia experience, as we value the story-telling skills of journalists from coast to coast to coast, and internationally.


To ensure the media selection process is fair, transparent, and brings together the best of the best, a Canada-wide selection committee of provincial and territorial representatives will review potential Canadian travel writers, bloggers and photographers based on select criteria. After much debate and discussion, these names will be narrowed down to 45 Canadian media, who will be invited to GoMedia 2017.


Similar to past years, international media will be invited based on the recommendations of the Destination Canada global offices


Which Canadian media are currently being considered?

The selection committee works from a list of all media who have attended past shows, or have expressed an interest in attending. The committee considers both well-established influencers as well as up-and-comers.


How will the 45 Canadian media be selected?

Media will be evaluated on a criteria established by the selection committee. Factors considered include (in no particular order):


    • Production of articles, broadcasts, etc.

    • Quantity, quality and reach of markets and outlets

    • Breadth of Canadian focus

    • Online presence and engagement of audience

    • Social media activity and engagement of audience

    • Presence at other media marketplaces

    • Presence at previous GoMedia marketplaces

    • Professionalism

    • New journalist


When will invited media be informed?

The selection committee hopes to have the list of 45 Canadian media confirmed and notified by mid-April; however, invitations could be extended up until a few weeks before the event.


Am I on the consideration list?

If you attended GoMedia in the past, or have inquired about the event, your name is on our consideration list. If you are new to the travel media industry, please complete the: “I have never previously attended” form. We will consider new applicants until June 9, 2017. Applications submitted after that date will be considered for future GoMedia events, or be added to the wait list.


If you have received an invitation for GoMedia 2017, please see our invited media page.

Thanks for your interest.



Contact the GoMedia Canada Project Office at (613) 238-7557.

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